Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles to Uplift Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home and it???s an area where everyone spends time in on a daily basis. Whether you are making dinner, cleaning up, preparing a quick lunch, or enjoying time with your family, your kitchen is always the centre point of your home. This is why many people choose to start with the flooring when they upgrade or renovate their kitchen areas, and porcelain tiles are a great option to go with.

Porcelain tiles hold many benefits and one of these are durability. These floors have a significantly longer life than compared to other materials such as carpets or wall covering. This is ideal for a kitchen area, especially since it is a room that will receive a lot of traffic every day, and will also need to be cleaned often. This is one of the preferred choices for home decorators, interior designers, and new home builders. With a longer life to offer, they are perfect for larger homes, and provide great value for money.

They are also fireproof, making them safer in a kitchen, since you will work with electricity, hot meals and a variety of substances on a daily basis. Safety should always be the number one priority in homes where families or children are present, and kitchen areas need to be as safe as possible. This is one way to ensure that your floor will not burn if something hot falls on it, or it is exposed to an open flame.

Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are also resistant to moisture, another reason why they are ideal for a kitchen. Spills are bound to happen and with these floors you can simply wipe up the mess and have a clean floor area in no time. With a general absorption rate of less than 0.5%, these floors are perfect for kitchens and bathroom areas, and even balconies. They are perfect for any wet area inside or outside your home, making them very versatile.

In addition to moisture resistance, porcelain tiles are also provide resistance to tread wear, which is why they are popular in any high trafficked area. They are often installed in shopping malls and busy office buildings, where a lot of people will pass through on a daily basis. The can withstand heavy foot traffic due to their resistance to abrasion, and this is ideal for your kitchen area at home. Since they are so hygienic and very easy to clean, they are recommended for any area where hygiene is required, making them ideal for your kitchen or even bathroom.

With safety being so important, another great benefit is their ability to be treated in order to prevent slipping. This can be done by adding a special abrasive grit to the finish, allowing it to provide a very effective slip resistance factor. Many shopping malls add this to tile areas that are steeper or uneven, to avoid visitors slipping and falling; avoiding injury is essential in any public area as it can result in costly liabilities. When these floors are fitted in areas that receive a lot of sunlight or heat, the colour will never fade; making them versatile and reliable to fit in any home.

Porcelain tiles are definitely one of the best additions that you can have in your home, and they are very easy and affordable to install in any room. They are easy to maintain and will retain their looks for years to come. With safety, hygiene, and fire resistant properties, these floors will definitely add value to your home.