Carpet Flooring

Choosing Carpet Flooring for Your Home

When it comes to renovating a home, one of the first choices that homeowners need to make is the type of floors they would like to have installed. Carpet flooring is a wonderful and also popular choice to go with, and it holds many benefits for homeowners and tenants alike.

One of the best benefits of carpet flooring is that it will provide effective sound insulation throughout the room or area. With this installed, you will have a significant reduction of noise throughout the house and it will be much more enjoyable to spend time in, especially if you are considering adding new flooring to high traffic rooms.

With sound absorption enhanced, the amount of noise conduction is reduced by up to 30 dB, as compared to the much lower 5 ??? 15dB for other floor coverings. This is especially helpful in apartment buildings; where the noise of hard flooring can be heard by most people on lower floors. Installing carpet flooring will significantly reduce the amount of noise and make it much more enjoyable for other tenants to live in; helping to improve the overall quality of life for everyone in and around the building.

Using carpets can result in the warmth retaining, allowing it to be much warmer in these rooms. Carpets have lower heat conduction and they are also neutral thermal insulators for creating a convenient heat barrier. In general, up to 10% of the heat that would have otherwise escaped the room is now kept inside due to the carpet flooring installed in the room; in addition, less heating is needed to retain the overall warmth of the room and this can quickly add up to reduced electricity bills.

Carpet Flooring

In general, carpet flooring is considered to be safer than hard floor options. Safety can be divided into two main aspects, a decrease in physical injury due to slippage when the floor is wet, and on-going safety in terms of providing a cushioning effect that decreases the stress on your joints. The underfoot safety that carpets provide is very important, especially in office buildings where you can significantly reduce the risk of slippage. Families with small children or infants in the home can also benefit from this as it will allow a reduced risk of injury.

In addition to safety and energy saving, these floors can be healthier too. Dust will settle quickly, and when reaching the bottom carpet area, dust particles are securely held in-between the fibres until they are vacuumed again. On normal hard floors or tiles, the dust is swept off the floor with an incoming breeze and thus stays in the air, circulating and causing allergic reactions for many individuals. This is very important as dust carries germs, allergens, and other unsightly air contaminants.

With regular vacuuming and cleaning, you will significantly reduce the amount of allergies and dust that travels throughout your home, making carpets a great benefit for any size home of office. Moreover, they will provide you with many years of comfortable use if properly looked after and cleaned regularly. It???s a great investment that any homeowner can choose to make.

Carpet flooring allows for an element of creativity. Home owners can choose a design, colour, or texture that fits in with the rest of the home???s style and this will allow them to compliment your existing furniture items or d??cor in the room. With comfort, style, and affordability, this is certainly a wonderful option for any homeowner or interior designer to go with when revamping a room or space.